Self-ordering and digital payments -
A game changer for the Covid-19 era

scan barcodeTechnology is the Covid-19 solution as we enter a different era of hospitality services. The hospitality industry has changed dramatically with limitations, restrictions, and social distancing guidelines constantly bringing new challenges for every business to survive.

The path to recovery is not going to be easy and new ways of providing services must be implemented for people to feel safe to go out again, as well as people to be safe to work again.

Contactless ordering and minimum interaction is the key to improve the safety of your personnel and your guests.

CallWaiter serves as a low-cost tool for your business to be able to maintain a high level of service and operate efficiently at a time when revenues have been hit hard and personnel is unavoidably reduced.

With CallWaiter you can offer self-ordering and digital payments to your guests that limit personal engagement to the minimum, while you cut costs and increase revenues.

scan barcodeThe world is going digital and Covid-19 is accelerating this change.

On the positive side, the pandemic will probably end soon, but the digital shift is not going to end with it. Businesses need to transform their operations and adapt to survive and thrive in the future.

See our demo to discover the features of CallWaiter or contact us to find out how we can help your business adapt to the digitalization of the hospitality industry.

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