We connect hospitality venues (restaurants, cafeterias, bars, hotels etc) with guests, by allowing them to view the menu, order, pay the bill and call a waiter with just a few clicks. Minimum contact, no downloads needed, no hardware installation.
Your guests will have a QR code placed on their table. When they scan that code they will see the options to call a waiter, view the menu, place an order, pay the bill. It’s as simple as that. The waiters then get a notification on a device (tablet, PC, mobile phone etc) with the specific request of the guest and they’re ready to serve.
Hospitality venues should be focused on one thing only: Provide premium hospitality for their guests. Technology can solve a lot of problems every venue now is facing, especially during the Covid-19 era we are going through. Traditional menus are now avoided, while disposable menus increase a venue’s cost. On top of that, waiting times create frustration, lower table rotation and lower bill size. CallWaiter makes the entire dining process safer, faster, more efficient, more profitable while it increases customer satisfaction.
We exist to make the dining experience safe again. Covid-19 has changed everyone’s life world wide. This shouldn’t mean that people can’t go out for a coffee or a family dinner. Global guidelines though suggest that venues should offer a safer solution rather than the traditional menu that can exchange dozens of hands on a daily basis. This is where we fit. CallWaiter is the safest solution for a happy day out. Plus, it's fast so no more frustration while we wait to order or pay! All it takes is a smartphone and an internet connection!
No. CallWaiter is completely web based. You can operate everything online. All you need is a device with an internet connection.
Once you sign up, you can start using the service in 3 simple steps:
  • Upload your menu
  • Create the tables you need based on the plan you signed up for
  • Print the QR codes of each table
Place the codes on the tables and you are ready to work!
Yes, you can add/edit/remove items, split them in categories, add images, set prices, descriptions and extra options any moment. The changes will be updated in real time.
The QR codes are created automatically in your dashboard as soon as you create your tables. You simply need to print every table’s QR code, put it on a table and you are ready to work!
Digital payments through the app will be available soon for your guests to be able to pay their bill with their debit/credit card.
There are no fees for ordering. There is however a 3,5% processing fee for digital payments to cover our payments processing cost.
Our payment processor is Stripe. You will need to opt-in for digital payments and provide us the information we are going to ask in order to connect your business with Stripe. Every card payment will be visible in your Stripe balance (minus the 3.5% fee) and you will be able to send that balance in your bank account manually.
Yes, you can change plans anytime.
Sure! Drop us a message at info@callwaiter.com to discuss your situation!

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