About Us

Who We Are

CallWaiter was created during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak as a technology solution for dine-in businesses that struggle to keep their guests safe and satisfied. We are a Software as a Service platform that operates on any device with an internet connection.


Our team’s mission is to help restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and bars to provide a safer dining experience to their guests, while they increase profits and lower costs at the same time!


Our vision is simple: To reshape the hospitality industry by becoming the safest solution for a happy day out. Plus, it's fast so no more frustration while we wait to order or pay! All it takes is a smartphone and an internet connection!

What We Do

We provide a mobile ordering solution to the Covid-19 requirements for your venue to operate efficiently. Your clients can view your menu, order, pay and call for a waiter just by scanning a code with their smartphone. Eliminate the waiting time for ordering and paying and receive more orders at peak times, process orders more efficiently and turn tables faster while you provide a better and safer customer experience. Integration is quick and hardware free. You can offer CallWaiter to your clients in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your menu
  2. Create and print your codes
  3. Start taking orders!

It’s that simple! Our web based app does not require any downloads or hardware installations. Just scan the code to get a taste!

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