Digital Menus for Contactless Orders

Your clients can now view your menu, call for a waiter, place orders and pay their bills while you improve your service speed and table rotation. All it takes is a smartphone and an internet connection.


Why CallWaiter?

CallWaiter can solve a lot of problems for every player involved in the service cycle.
Either you are a guest, a waiter or a business owner, CallWaiter is designed to make your life easier.

For Venues

  • Follow Covid-19 guidelines and avoid traditional menus
  • Get rid of the cost of disposable menus
  • Eliminate waiting time for ordering and paying
  • Receive more orders at peak times
  • Process orders efficiently and increase order volume
  • Increase your profit by turning tables faster
  • Provide a convenient and safe customer experience to keep your guests happy!

For Guests

  • Forget traditional menus that can exchange dozens of hands on a daily basis
  • Get a waiter to serve you in seconds! No more waiting and waving, hoping that the waiter will see you!
  • Order, pay and go whenever you feel ready
  • No more frustration, no more time wasted!

For waiters

  • Stay safe by limiting your personal interactions
  • Know exactly when and where guests need you
  • Monitor all requests on a single device as they come to you
  • Avoid the exhaustion of walking countless miles around the venue on every shift

Ideal For

Beach bars

Awesome Features

Responsive & optimized for mobile devices.
No download needed!

QR Scan

Your customers can access your menu, call a waiter, place their orders and request a bill just by scanning a QR code!

Live Menu

Upload and customize your menu instantly. Add/Remove/Modify items and keep your menu constantly updated!

User permissions

Assign roles to your employees so you can manage who can modify the menu, receive orders or notifications only.


Customize Features

Choose to receive orders, accept payments or just show your menu depending on your venue's needs!


No software installations or complex hardware to use. Upload your menu, print your codes and start working instantly!

Constant development

We constantly improve features and services and you will always be notified for all the cool additions coming up!

Pricing Plans

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  • +35799916123

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